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GlaxoSmithKline | BUILDING 20 + 21 RENOVATIONS


Approximately 81,000 SF of building 20 and 21 on the GSK Marietta site were renovated for the installation of new package line equipment and associated support areas. Structural modifications included, raising the roof structure in the northern area of building 20, to accommodate the new packaging line equipment. Fit-out renovation work included modifications to existing dunnage framing for new units, supports for chilled water supply and return lines within building 20 and over the roof of building 21, verification of structural framing to support additional loads for a proposed cold box hung ceiling system, miscellaneous openings in existing masonry walls, new corridor access addition and exterior containment area at the emergency generator.


Structural engineering design included analysis of the existing building 20 structural framing for gravity and lateral loads for the installation of column extensions and new roof structure. Lateral bracing frames were designed and added to the structure to provide lateral stability to the overall building due to the increased height and the removal of shear wall areas. A structural study of the existing exterior pipe rack and foundations were conducted to provide recommendations for expansion of the structure to support additional piping.




Marietta, PA




Structural Engineering





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