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Our People.

Meet the driving force behind our commitment to excellence - our exceptional team of leaders. At Mainstay, we believe that success is not just achieved; it's engineered. Get to know the people shaping our journey, each brining a unique blend of experience, passion, and dedication to our partners, clients and Mainstay team. And get to know our Core Values that guide us in every aspect of our work.

Pamela Assenmacher Headhsot-2_edited_edited.jpg

Pamela J. Assenmacher, PE
Principal, Quality Assurance

Leo Doyer Headshot-2 square.png

Leo Doyer, PE
Design Manager


Mark A. Paige
Southeast Regional Manager
Raleigh, NC

Jacki Briggs Headhsot-3_edited_edited.jpg

Jacki Briggs, PHR
Vice President,
Human Resources


Matthew E. Hilbush, PE

Justin Ruby Headshot-4 square png.png

Justin T. Ruby, PE
Principal, Project Delivery

Mike Canalley Headshot-4 square png.png

Michael Canalley, PE
Quality Assurance Manager

Dave Citro Headshots-4_edited.jpg

David F. Citro, PE
Director, Civil Engineering, Associate

Mike Donnelly Headshots-4 square_edited.

Michael J. Donnelly

Sean Marzolf Headshot-4 square png.png

Sean Marzolf, PE
Project Manager

Campout for Hunger Food Drive-46_edited.jpg

Laura Hughes

Justin Meillier Headshot-4 square png.png

Justin H. Meillier, PE, CDT
Structural Engineering Director

Laura Ryan Headshot.jfif

Laura M. Ryan, PE
Project Manager

CS Headshot.jfif

Christine Sciarrotta
Vice President, Marketing

Kurt Sponheimer Headshot-2 square png.png

Kurt Sponheimer, PE
Project Manager

Shellie Straub Headshot-3 square png.png

Shellie M. Straub
Principal, Human Resources and Administration

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