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Data Centers

Data Centers house the systems that store sensitive data from businesses and companies. Intricate engineering is required when designing the foundations to secure data storage computers properly and sustainably.


Evoque Data Center


New Jersey

Mainstay designed Evoque's Secaucus Data Center that supports access to public clouds, high-speed connectivity to other US data centers, and low-latency Internet connectivity.

Confidential Client


West Virginia

This fast track project included retrofitting an existing 180,000 square foot warehouse building as a data center with adjacent office space and civil improvements.

Empty Factory

Confidential Client



Encompassing three different technical rooms with each including various levels of standards and upgrades from concept through detailed design.

Confidential Client

West Point,


Mainstay prepared construction documentation for the structure and foundations of the data center adjacent to an existing building and sewage treatment plant. The structure is one story, steel framed with wide-flanged steel shapes. Site grading and stormwater management modifications were required.

Image by Dakota Roos
AIA_BDC0914.pdf - Adobe Acrobat.jpg

Confidential Client


New Jersey

Mainstay provided structural design and documentation for the support of renovations for the data center including interior equipment and an evaluation of the roof structure for hanging conduit and piping. HVAC improvements were also required with structural support.

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