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New York, NY




Structural Engineering


Red Melbourne

DHD Architects


Clune Construction



M.J. Settelen Construction



AMA Group


The Brickworks New York project was an exciting one for Mainstay. It included two one-of-a-kind first time uses of solid venetian glass brick in the USA, which challenged the design team to come up with new and creative ways to work with the product.

The glass brick was utilized as part of a glowing 2 level façade that fronts New York City’s iconic 5th Avenue and provides a distinctive focal point to the studio. The glass brick was integrated into an existing HSS frame that was reutilized by cladding it with a brass frame and adding a canopy to highlight the entrance of the design studio.

In addition, and existing monumental stair was repurposed and expanded. The repurposing included cladding it with stone, and surrounding it with a mirror backed venetian glass 2 story wall that . At the second story of this wall was an integral venetian glass railing that cantilevers past the second floor. In order to make the railings meet building code requirements, we utilized standard steel railing posts which were installed in front of the glass brick and were tied to the posts with seismic brick ties every other course. The rails and ties were then clad in brass.

In addition, a small slab infill was hung from a steel frame that was tied to columns that surrounded the existing monumental stair opening. This infill allowed for expansion of the second floor and provide a coat room for the guests on event nights, as well as helping to close in the monumental stair so it could be surrounded by the glass brick on all sides and create a jewel-box like effect.



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