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Did You Know…

  • Lost productivity from injuries and illnesses costs companies $60 billion each year!

  • The average injury claim, including benefits, costs the employer $8,000!

  • The average cost savings associated with injury prevention is an estimated $24,842 a year!

Falls can occur from a large variety of locations throughout the work area, including ladders, scaffolding, roofs, and unprotected edges.  A major contributor to falls, however, is a simple lack of knowledge about how to best prevent them. Mainstay’s team of structural engineers and safety professionals has the experience and knowledge to help our clients realize their maintenance and operational safety goals in the most reasonable, feasible, and least intrusive way possible.


Endless pages of codes, regulations and best practice specifications…. Load demands on the superstructure in excess of hanging a small truck…. Ensuring that each component of a system will work together and get the job done in who knows what kind of a unique environment or production space…. Exactly what an engineer is programmed for! From initial fall hazard surveys and site assessments, to the design and installation of final abatement, partnering with Mainstay will provide exceptional value and take the guesswork out of fall protection.  

Mainstay doesn’t desire to be your vendor; we want to be your teammate. And we offer the following fall protection services:

  • Order of Magnitude Cost Estimation

  • Fund/Resource Allocation Consultation

  • Fall Hazard Surveys and Overall Site/Space Risk Assessments

  • Access Platforms and Suspended Catwalks

  • Certified Overhead Single Point Systems

  • Certified Rooftop Single Point Systems

  • Certified Window Washing and Suspended Maintenance Systems

  • Certified Horizontal Systems – Cable and Rigid Track

  • Guardrail, Handrail and Stair Rail New Work and Abatement

  • Fixed Stair and Fixed Ladder New Work and Abatement

  • Certified Ladder Safety Systems

  • Certified Rope Descent Systems

  • Equipment Modifications

  • Inspection and Proof Testing

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