Mainstay is headquartered in the suburbs of Philadelphia, a region well-known for its numerous outstanding colleges and universities. We understand the critical budget and construction coordination issues that accompany every project on a campus, regardless if rural or urban setting; or multiple or single buildings.  Mainstay is the partner of choice in the design and construction of educational facilities with experience ranging from small school additions and renovations, to consulting on a university master plan. 

Mainstay understands the importance of efficient, fast-track design when it comes to commercial development. Regardless if the project entails a single store or a large multi-use office and retail complex, Mainstay works with developers to provide outstanding design and timely approvals. 

The challenging petrochemical field requires a unique technical background and an attention to detail which is not common among many design firms. Mainstay has senior staff with extensive experience dealing with all aspects of petrochemical projects. Our past project success confirms our ability to deliver to partners and clients in the petrochemical industry.  

‚ÄčThe distinct challenges of Government and Military projects are another area where Mainstay brings value to any project team. Despite ever-changing requirements and standards that are mandated on these assignments, Mainstay remains ready to provide clients unequalled technical expertise for tasks to support Federal and Military projects. Our country relies on Mainstay and so can you.  

The impact of long product development cycles, global competition, and current Good Manufacturing Practices presents a unique challenge to the pharmaceutical industry. When designing or changing a process, great care must be taken to balance international regulatory requirements with efficiency and cost. Managing these requirements makes pharmaceutical engineering a discipline unto itself. Whether you are scaling up a new process or modifying an existing one, Mainstay can help. Our multi-disciplined approach to pharmaceutical engineering is a proven strategy for supporting process design, development, and change. Mainstay partners with you to determine the best solution to meet your goals.  

Mainstay recognizes the challenges facing medical centers. We respond with a wide range of engineering services that include facility engineering, site development and infrastructure, and environmental compliance. We design with a safe physical environment for caregivers and healthcare providers in mind.

Industries Served