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Mainstay Engineering Group, Inc. (Mainstay) is a fast-growing firm offering structural design, civil design and land development services to owners, manufacturers, developers and design professionals. The company was founded on the belief that our group of highly talented individuals' trained in multiple disciplines of civil and structural engineering provides exceptional service.  

Mission Statement
The purpose of Mainstay is to become the preferred provider of civil and structural consulting engineering services. Utilizing a unique, multi-disciplined thought approach, we strive to bring value to the project by anticipating the client’s needs and support the team members.

Company History
Founded in 2002 by Matthew E. Hilbush, P.E., Mainstay began with a niche identity in the pharmaceutical sector.  He recognized that pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical design firms benefitted from civil and structural services that understood the types of equipment utilized in the manufacturing, R&D and packaging facilities.  Projects initially started with stainless steel platforms, mechanical mezzanines, and roof-top equipment support.  William J. DiCarlo, P.E. joined the firm in 2003 as a Principal and Owner, bringing his strong technical background in pharmaceutical, petrochemical and heavy industrial projects.  Mainstay gradually has grown and completed larger scale projects that include grass-roots buildings, envelope expansions, major renovations and facility site development and master planning.  Mainstay successfully leveraged experience from the pharmaceutical industry to other market sectors including university, commercial, retail, municipal and petrochemical.  Today, Mainstay employs over 20 design professionals and performs a broad range of projects in multiple industries.  We pride ourselves in effectively designing small clean room platforms to multi-million dollar university buildings and small parking lot additions to 200 acre site development projects.  We are very proud of the multiple industries now served, the ability to provide efficient services for projects of varying scales and our long-standing client relationships.

Our Project Approach
Through maintaining and expanding on state-of-the-art techniques and industry knowledge, Mainstay has proven the ability to find the optimal solution for each project.  Our success can be attributed to a hands-on approach of our two principals and the experience level of the team assembled for each project.  Our belief is that each staff member not only be highly specialized, but have a broad range of ability.  Senior staff at Mainstay has the ability to perform multiple disciplines.  The proven benefit to our clients is one contact person with the ability to problem-solve across several design areas.  The point of contact has an inherent understanding of the needs and requirements of other design team members (architectural, mechanical and electrical) in order to successfully complete the project. We believe that our clients can have the best of all worlds – Creative Design, Cost Efficiency and Exceptional Service.  Our relationships with clients are based on trust, integrity and ultimately successful projects.  Repeat business with clients is confirmation that we are not just meeting, but exceeding their needs and requirements.   

​Mainstay is a LEED accredited firm with a commitment to providing sustainable civil engineering solutions. Qualified to fill the LEED certified role of civil/structural engineer, Mainstay works well with the rest of the team, keeping communication at the forefront of all multi-discipline projects.  Our LEED performance standards include sustainable sites, water efficiency, materials, resources, and innovation in design.